Socket fusion machine is suitable for socket welding PPR, PE, PP pipes or fittings, being used in construction site for water & gas supply. Feature: Functions temperature adjustment, Trustable quality, Compact and good exterior, simple and convenient operation.

  1. HDS-63 (PPR machine)
  2. HDS-110 (PPR machine)


Manual Butt Fusion Machine is suitable for HDPE, PP. It is convenient to butt welding plastic pipe or fitting. Suitable for field or workshop Features: Operate with hand-push 2 or 4 lightweight Aluminum clamps. Lightweight, strong, long life and high precision

  1. HDT160-2M (manual) Range 63mm to 160mm
  2. HDY160-4M(manual) Range 63mm to 160mm
  3. HDY200-2M(manual) Range 63mm to 200mm
  4. HDY200-4M(manual) Range 63mm to 200mm


HYDRAULIC Butt Fusion Machine is suitable for HDPE, PP it is convenient to butt welding plastic pipe or fittings. Suitable for field or workshop.

Feature: Removable cast Aluminum PTFE coated heating plate with separate temperature controlling system. Made of lightweight and high strength material. Changeable welding position enables to weld various fittings more easily.

  1. HDC-160(hydraulic) Range63mm to 160mm
  2. HDC-200 (hydraulic) Range 63mm to 200mm
  3. HDC-250 (hydraulic) Range 90mm to 250mm
  4. HDC-315 (hydraulic) Range 110mm to 315mm
  5. HDC-355 (hydraulic) Range 160mm to 355mm
  6. HDC450(hydraulic) Range 280mm to 450mm
  7. HDC500(hydraulic) Range 280 mm to 500mm
  8. HDC630(hydraulic) Range 400mm to 630mm
  9. HDC800 (hydraulic) Range 450mm to 800mm