A concrete mixer (often colloquially called a cement mixer) is a device that homogeneously combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete. A typical concrete mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the components.

The mixing capacity of a cement mixer is approximately 80% of the total volume of the drum. For example, a 150-litre drum produces about 120 liters of cement, or two wheelbarrows per load.

There are two broad types of concrete mixers:

  • Batch mixers. Drum Types Mixer. Tilting drum mixers. Non-tilting drum mixer. Reversing drum mixer. Pan Type Mixer
  • Continuous mixers


Saves Money – Small cement mixer saves you money because there is no need to hire extra employees to mix the concrete manually. Also, you will save on material because only the right portions of all concrete ingredients go into the cement mixer bowl. A mobile concrete mixer offers you to option to 'own' your personal concrete batch plant. When compared to traditional drum mixing, this type of solution sometimes can be the best cost-effective solution and time-saving equipment.

  • Saves Time – One very important benefit of a small cement mixer is that it can save a lot of time and effort. Even though small cement mixer models feature small cement mixer bowl, mixing concrete and cement by hand is a harder and time consuming. This machine enables you to make better use of your time, and focus on other aspects of the construction project.
  • Saves Money – Small cement mixer saves you money because there is no need to hire extra employees to mix the concrete manually. Also, you will save on material because only the right portions of all concrete ingredients go into the cement mixer bowl. If you plan to use the small cement mixer on a regular basis, purchasing one is more convenient than renting it. Even if for a single job, buying a small cement mixer can be more cost-effective option.
  • Keeps You Healthy – Mixing concrete manually requires a lot of effort, and can be painful for your back, shoulders and muscles. Small cement mixer can help you make the building process painless. Furthermore, the cement mixer bowl makes the job easier and result superior, because the mixture created is more homogenous.



A rammer is a machine that compacts the ground. How it does this is different from a plate compactor. Instead of using vibrations to settle the dirt below like a compactor, a rammer uses impact force to compress the ground. ... This translates to deeper compaction depths which are ideal in trenches and other tight spaces.

Rammer compacts the surface through impact and vibration. There are three different types of the rammers namely the Dropping weight type, Internal Combustion type and Pneumatic type. Internal combustion type has frog hammer weighing up to 1 tonne. A frog hammer compacts relatively thick layer of non-cohesive soils.

As we've explained, a rammer is great for a couple reasons: They're slim machines with small footprints. Their design lends itself to being easily maneuvered. Their compaction depth can be greater than a vibratory plate compactor

The advantage of the two-stroke engine technology is that it provides the best compaction force, long shoe stroke, more blows per minute and best balance. All of this results in high productivity on the jobsite." Manufacturers are working hard to improve the operator's experience when using a rammer.



Advantages Of Concrete Cutting

In the field of concrete cutting there is an array of different technologies and developments for years, but for some time using diamond studded blade for concrete cutting purpose has become a widely accepted advanced dimension in respect of better maneuverability and work process. Presently almost all advanced concrete cutting machines uses cutting blades instead of traditional cutting blades thanks to a wide range of advantages. While concrete cutting is smarter and less labour intensive and time consuming, traditional cutting mechanisms require huge amount of labour, requires more time and involvement and consequently costlier as well.

Precision and faultlessness is another aspect that gives diamond cutting an edge over the traditional method of cutting. While traditional cutting technology causes vibration in the greater structure making various areas vulnerable to develop cracks in the subsequent procedure, diamond cutting is absolutely vibration free and causes no damage to the greater structure. Moreover, in contrast to traditional cutting diamond cutting procedure causes least number of operational hazards and offers far better and more precise accessibility to areas that were hitherto unreachable through the traditional cutting mechanism.

Smarter and faster

Diamond Concrete Cutting is electric fast and convenient with multiple features in comparison to traditional cutting methods. In diamond cutting features are well set for different concrete surfaces and cutting requirements while in traditional cutting it is dependent on real time observation and manoeuvres. Diamond cutting cuts any metal while in traditional cutting special metal cutting is required. Most important of all in diamond cutting only a few technicians or operators are required in contrast to traditional cutting which is more labour intensive and requires guided manoeuvres at every step of the operation.

Precision And Work Excellence

After all if you consider the excellence of the cutting work and precision then diamond cutting is far advanced than traditional one. Being automatic and incorporating multiple features for different surfaces and requirements diamond cutting provides great precise cuts and concrete extraction while tradition cutting often results in uncontrolled cuts and openings when performing the task. Consequently in diamond cutting limited patchwork is required in contrast to traditional cutting methods.

Difference In Causing Disruption

Often the cutting process with a diamond cutting machine cannot be known by the people living in the block beside thanks to its almost noiseless operation. Moreover, diamond cutting causes much less destruction in the building as it is absolutely precise. On the contrary traditional cutting procedures creates great noise, causes huge rubbles, breakages and air pollution with dust. This tremendous disruption caused by the traditional cutting methods made diamond cutting method so popular with the environmental point of view.

Damage To Overall Architecture

Any traditional method of concrete cutting causes the structure experience the tremendous vibration in several parts and even can contribute to the permanent damage to the inner beams and structures. On the complete contrast diamond concrete cutting with its widely acclaimed precise cutting does not cause any vibration and so the chances of the architecture to experience damage are much less.


The cuts made by the machine are precise and neat whereas using traditional machines doesn't allow you to make such deep and accurate cuts. ... Whereas regular machines cause loads of vibrations which may cause cracks to appear over a period of time.



bar cutter machine has the features of low noise and low power consumption. cutting machine for steel bar will help you save time and money at the same time. The steel bar cutters have a very good lubrication and function well.

The bar cutter is electric which means you won't need to use a lot of energy to operate the cutter. The cutter is very affordable and it helps you get a lot of work done in a short period of time. This cutter is used for cutting many types of bars.

Finding a good bar cutter helps you get more done and it is just what you need when you want to take care of all of your needs. A good bar cutter is a great investment in your business and it will help you get more done in a faster amount of time.

When you need a good bar cutter you want to take your time and make sure that you look for the cutter that is going to be the best fit for your budget and for your needs. The cutter is going to work on every type of bar and it will be a lot easier to deal with your needs when you choose the right bar cutter. bar cutter machine has the features of low noise and low power consumption. cutting machine for steel bar will help you save time and money at the same time. The steel bar cutters have a very good lubrication and function well.

This cutter is often used in construction projects. You will find this cutter at construction sites and it is also found on highways, mines, and dams. The affordable price point of the cutter is going to save you money and it is very easy to use which makes it a great deal when you want to get a lot done.

Some of the benefits of using this cutter is that it is very quiet. The cutter won’t make a lot of noise which makes it a pleasure to use. If you don’t like using cutters because they are so noisy you will really enjoy using this cutter.

The cutter also has an attractive design which makes it very easy to look at. The cutting mechanism is precise so you won’t have to worry about problems when you are cutting the machine. The cutter also is efficient which means you can get a lot of rebar cut quickly. Since the cutter is easy to operate you can easily work through your projects quickly.



Steel bar bending machines are absolutely needed for any large construction company in the industry. They make it possible for workers to target every other aspect of the job, and enable the device to achieve this tedious work. It may also limit the volume of injuries that are sustained by workers that are constantly bending steel bars using manual devices. Best of all, you might speed up your production exponentially, simply using one of these simple automated steel bar bending units that you can purchase either used or brand-new from an overseas company.

There are several advantages to owning one of these brilliant machines. Obviously, they will help save time. If you have to bend every bar which you necessary to, doing it manually, this could slow down the manufacture of your business. You can find manual bar bending devices that can be operated from a single individual, enabling you to bend the steel at exact angles. However, in case you are developing a major project, and you will have to try this several hundred times, owning an automated machine is obviously going to be the most suitable choice. This should help you maintain production, and in many cases better, you can include more jobs to the itinerary. Having an automated machine makes it possible for you to battle more jobs, and as a direct result, it will be easy to create more revenue for the company.